KGBT Channel 4 Is Covering Melting Peeps, For Some Reason


When we write stories shitting on our local media, we do everything we possibly can to rag on them evenly, but God help me if it just feels like KGBT goes that extra mile to dig themselves deeper and deeper into the journalistic abyss, further from reality, public trust, and any respect.

Fresh off of erroneously declaring State Trooper Moises Sanchez dead, retracting that headline only to then erroneously declare him brain dead, to silently retracting THAT statement, you’d think that KGBT would be focusing on damage control and attempting to earn public trust back.

But who are we kidding?

This is Pulitzer-phobic KGBT we’re talking about and they, instead, decided to cover melting marshmallow peeps because Easter(?), because it’s hot(?), because the anchors and reporters have locked up the directors and producers in a basement and now THEY’RE in control a la 1996′ House Arrest(?)


Earlier today, KGBT took to Facebook to film seven different colored (and flavored? I wouldn’t know) marshmallow peeps.

At the time of this writing, 36 minutes into whatever this is, none of the peeps have melted and it might be a while until they actually do.

If you have nothing else to do and would like to freely kill off some brain cells, here’s the link to their live feed.

I’m sure lawyer-turned-wing salesman J. Gonzalez is happy knowing his ad dollars are going to this kind of hard hitting live coverage.

Maybe once those peeps melt, a reporter might swoop in and eat it off the ground again.

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