Here’s The Site Charging People For Fake McAllen Garage Sale Permits


The City of McAllen’s Health & Code Enforcement Department issued a warning to its residents yesterday regarding a SignNow account selling fake McAllen Garage Sale Permits for $10 a pop.

From the City of McAllen’s Twitter:

The REAL garage sell permits, which cost $20(!? -the fuck?), can actually be found here.

Every news outlet is only showing you a screenshot of the page, but I figured it would be best to actually LOOK at the damn thing so you know it exists: Click here to visit the fake McAllen garage sale permit page.

According to McAllen’s press release, the site allows you to obtain permits for an entire year, which doesn’t actually seem accurate because the form itself has the same stipulations at McAllen’s real form regarding allowing only three permits per calendar year.

Also, it doesn’t seem like whoever set this up is actually being paid because you actually have to sign up for something called “PDF Filler” in order to print out your “application,” which likely wouldn’t transit any money to this person.

We filled out a drugstoreone form and hopefully can start selling off the shit we don’t need around here:

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