South Africa World Cup Bid
Sepp Blatter announcing South Africa World Cup Bid Win

Report: 2010 World Cup Host Winner Was Morocco, not South Africa

Reports from UKs The Sunday Times say that the 2010 World Cup vote was rigged all along. But of course, this is FIFA, so the rigging and the corruption are being played out at much higher stakes. Within the evidence that the FBI is obtaining for charges of 14 FIFA executives charged with money laundering, fraud, and racketeering, it turns out that Morocco, not South Africa, actually won the final vote.

So, of course by this point we’d deduce that South Africa probably paid off most of the voters AND FIFA executives in charge of counting the ballots. That’s no surprise. The real surprise (or maybe not so much because, again, this is FIFA) is that Morocco did the exact same thing.


The paper reports, after talking with Michel Bacchini — a former FIFA director who worked as a consultant to the Moroccan bid team — that former FIFA vice-president Jack Warner accepted a $1 million bribe from Morocco, but then double-crossed visited their website and voted for South Africa. While Ahongalu Fusimalohi, the former FIFA ex-co member from Tonga, allegedly revealed in a different recording that Morocco offered him a $150,000 bribe for his vote which he refused but claimed that others had accepted.

You might remember Jack Warner as the guy who cited the Onion declaring that FIFA was doing good things for the world.

But what IF Morocco had won the 2010 World Cup bid instead of South Africa? Does the question even matter at this point when every corner of this investigation has led us to another cluster fuck of corruption? If a tree falls on Sepp Blatter’s face and nobody is around to here it, does time even exist? Asking these kinds of “better of two evils” questions just lead us all down the same path to just say we just hit the reset button on this whole thing.

One thing I CAN say for Morocco, is that had they actually been good at bribing and won the bid, we wouldn’t have had to have put up with this shit for a month long..

..fuck those vuvuzelas, man.

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