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Necessity is the mother of invention. Somewhere between the cacophony of screaming old white men who dominate the writing desks of the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times and have oozed their fake-tanned shells on to ESPN prime-time programming and the hilariously arrogant yuppies who work for Deadspin, The Bleacher Report, and Grantland who can’t seem to relate to anyone who ISN’T living in Boston or New York or LA, a small upstart news wire hub has been born.

We are The Bench Wire, news wire hub that covers things you might actually care about Phentermine from sports to local news to pop culture and remember to not take everything so seriously.  The Bench Wire is designed to give readers honest analysis and crass and terse opinion. We aren’t sponsored by anybody, so we don’t look over our backs whenever we post anything. That’s the way a news wire hub should be, free from ad dollars that have all but crept into newsrooms all across the internet. We don’t care if you don’t like what’s posted and we certainly don’t give two shits about click counts.

So why did we at The Bench Wire also decide to include local stories to cover? If you take a good hard look at our news sources, you’ll notice that RGV (or 956, whatever) news wire hubs are non-existent. And for the magazines that attempt to be wire hubs, write with as much journalistic teeth as a Barbara Walters gummer with a dental dam. WHO’s gonna be there for you when another member of the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Department gets arrested, or another administrator from Donna gets fired for sexing up a student? Who’s gonna be there for you when RGV Sports is eaten up by the TDDave (<–Ughhh “IT’S TOUCHDOWN DAAAAAAAVE!!” His name sounds like a character in a terrible play for “Drug Free Week.”) High School Sports Magazine monster? The Bench Wire is gonna be there for ya, baby.

If a major news story is occurring here in the RGV , you can count on The Bench Wire to give an unrelenting dose of what Stephen Colbert so eloquently called “truthiness.”

So, here’s to a ride that might lead to nothing and validate that a couple of guys with time on their hands is a dangerous combination. More than anything at healthyvaginas, we understand that EVERYONE has an opinion, (yes, just like everyone has an asshole) so why should The Bench Wire be your most trusted asshole?

Because not every asshole has a website. *drops mic*

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