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Warriors vs Cavs: The Bench Wire 2015 NBA Finals Preview

Alot can happen in week. Between the final buzzer ringing on the disappointing (even though we all knew it would go down this way) pair of conference finals and today, the sports world has had it’s hands full with Caitlyn Jenner and the United States cock-kicking FIFA, then getting bummed about the rest of the world not giving a fuck and getting Sepp Blatter re-elected, and then subsequently having hope restored again a few days later; it’s been a better week than we could’ve hoped for.

But it’s finally here..

All the memes, all the debates, all the loud old-man rants on ESPN and a few basketball games have all led to this moment.


Side note: I don’t know why this hasn’t been a part of some Championship Hype Up video. Can you imagine cutting up a bad ass video with this music?

So, on with the preview. Both head-to-head matchups didn’t really give us much on

Front Court
Let’s start by saying that Draymond Green is going to get paid. Reports say that Golden State will match any offer he gets this summer. He’s emerged as the Warriors third best scoring option and gives Golden State balance on the front end. Let’s also not glance over that Tristan Thompson has had one hell of post-season after Love got hurt at the end of the first round.  And last we saw Mozgov, he was the one doing the ‘Mozgoving’ over Al Horford. This front court matchup will be one of the softest in recent memory as neither team play much offense on the interior anyway, but let’s face it, this series won’t be won here. But..magically, all I have to say is LeBron and this conversation is suddenly over.

Advantage: Cleveland

Back Court
It almost feels like Kyrie Irving has been hurt these entire playoffs. At 100%, Irving is molding himself into one of the best point guards…on the Cavs team (2nd to LeBron). In Irving’s absence, we got to see the reemergence of what the Knicks THOUGHT they’d get out of JR Smith. And who knew white guys could still jump, Dellavedova. But this isn’t even a fair fight, or a fair comparison. The “Splash Brothers” (ughh..some writer was actually paid to come up with that nickname) will probably go down as one of the best back courts in history, if they stay together. Not even close.

Advantage: Golden State

Everyone was ALL up in arms when Golden State let go of Mark Jackson. Little did just about everybody know that rookie head coach, Steve Kerr would lead Golden State to the best record in the NBA, carve through one of the deepest Western Conference playoff pools in the last 5 years and turned a circus-shot freak show into a legitimate superstar and the league’s MVP.

And the Cavs have this guy:

Advantage: Golden State

For most of us, this is a dream match-up. We have the best player on the planet going up against, yet, another candidate to sit on his throne in the form of a “baby-faced assassin” (ughh…again, some asshole got paid a salary to come up with that). Their playing styles couldn’t be any more polar, any more different. Curry, the best shooter we’ve seen since the 80s. LeBron, the best overall player we’ve seen since…the 80s.

As much as most grump analysts that can’t say one good thing about today’s basketball and would LOVE to tell you that the game was SOOOOO much better in the 70s, 80s, even 90s, that’s a huge lie. We are living in a golden age of NBA talent, where not only do we have the best player in the world at his prime competing for Finals, but he has legitimate rivals. We have more future Hall of Fame candidates today than we’ve ever had.

Steph had the better year, but don’t ever for your life, count out experience. Just ask LeBron last year.

Advantage: Cleveland

So Who Wins?

Cleveland in 7

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