Weslaco Hero Signs “Fuck You” On His Traffic Ticket; Gets Arrested


Local Weslaco resident and newly christened hero, Gabriel Palomo, spent Saturday night in county after signing “Fuck You” on the traffic ticket he received from Progreso PD.

According to an affidavit made by the Progreso PD officer, who initially pulled Palomo over for failing to signal a lane change, said that when he asked Palomo to sign the citation, he signed “Fuck You.” When the officer asked Palomo if that was his name, he replied, “Yes, and that’s my signature.”

Officially, Palomo was charged with Tampering With a Government Record, which, taking his circumstances into consideration, would likely be a Class B Misdemeanor under Texas Penal Code Sec. 37.10, which could include up to 180 days in jail and a fine up to $2,000.

Given the current social climate, we understand that cops are under, almost, unbearable scrutiny, and we shouldn’t forget their contributions, for better or worse.

-But I’m pretty sure that everyone who has ever been pulled over in a Three Rivers, or an Hidalgo, or a Los Fresnos; these speed traps who employ cops specifically to torment drivers with ticky-tack offenses has always wanted to give all of these cops a giant “fuck you.”

This guy was just more literal about it and it was fucking great.

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