Some Hero Probably Jacked 19 Pounds of Weed From Santa Rosa PD’s Evidence Room


The results of an audit conducted by Cameron County’s DA Luis Saenz’ office and the Texas Rangers show that approximately 19 pounds of weed has gone missing from the Santa Rosa police department’s evidence room.

The audits, which were conducted in 2018, of multiple municipal police departments were to ensure that drug seizures were accounted for so that the DAs office could use the evidence to bring cases against those charged.

Since the US Attorney’s office has arranged a deal with local DAs to allow them to prosecute offenses of less than 100 kilos of marijuana, it’s up to local PDs and the DAs office to work together on these cases; IE the DA needs to be able to trust local PDs to keep tabs of their evidence and it sure as shit looks like some hero cop from Santa Rosa PD dipped their pen in that company ink.

According to Saenz, an unnamed Santa Rosa officer was confronted about the missing evidence and later resigned, leaving his boss, police chief Ronnie Hernandez (who clears a WHOPPING $40k a year) holding the bag (I’m thinking it had weed in it).

Back on Jan. 25th, Saenz’ office sent a letter to Santa Rosa mayor Andres Contreras stating that they would no longer be accepting ANY cases investigated by Hernandez and now, Santa Rosa’s aldermen are holding a meeting tomorrow to basically terminate the police chief, again (after he filed a wrongful termination lawsuit last year and was reinstated).

I’m not saying all is well at Santa Rosa PD; they WERE raided by the very same Texas Rangers and the Cameron County DAs office just a few years ago, but in all honesty, if Saenz’ wants to get his dick hard by putting away HARDENED CRIMINALS for selling weed, then he can go fuck himself.

It’s fucking weed, guy. Relax.

I’m fully convinced that Saenz has never lit up before in his life, likely out of fear that his obnoxiously tremendous mustache would combust almost instantly.

I mean just LOOK at that thing:

Look, Hernandez, as a patrolling police chief, is only making $40k with likely 0 overtime and I can only imagine his officers are making significantly less.

I’m not condoning criminal activity, but fuck, at least Hernandez can go out saying he was here for a good time, not a long time.

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