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Donna ISD’s New Slogan Is “The District of Tomorrow” But Let’s Give Them Another One Anyway


Donna Independent School District has unveiled their new slogan, “The District of Tomorrow” in an effort to rebrand an image that paints them quite possibly as the only school district with a worse reputation than Progreso.

This rebranding comes on the heels of years of corruption scandals, issues with teacher-student sexual abuse, and stories of ineptitude beyond almost unbelievable proportions that has led to the loss of confidence in their own residents and the Texas Education Agency.

Someday, Netflix or HBO is going to green light somebody to make a documentary on Donna ISD and they will probably uncover worms under this log that no one thought could ever exist, but they will. That person will finish that doc, check themselves into an mental institution and spend the rest of their life trying to figure out how human beings could have steeped so low.

An audit on the school’s operations was released back in late 2017 that gave residents a small taste of Donna ISD’s executive administration’s mess that was seemingly lifted from the pages of a rejected “The Office” script.

Now that they’ve seemingly hired an actual adult, he’s spared no time shaking shit up including gutting the maligned Garza Elementary staff leadership.

But something tells me that as much effort as Dr. Azaiez may want to put into this community, there are some things that are just too far gone.

I’m a realist and I’ve learned that things will always (always) crawl back and regress to the mean and that city will NEVER work its shit out.

Maybe “District of Tomorrow” actually IS the perfect slogan for Donna in that it can implies that the change will never actually get there.

So, with that, let’s take some suggestions for their new slogan.

Comment below or on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll host a poll in the next few days with ALL the nominees.

Here are my choices so far:

Real Crimes, Better Scandals, Donna ISD

Donna ISD: What’s Starts Here…Ends Up In Court

Donna ISD: We Hate Your Kids Too

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