La Féria Strip Club Burns Down – wait…what?


I woke up in a weird haze this morning with a slight hangover that a good egg sandwich could kill. I felt decent until I scrolled through Facebook and read a sentence that melted what was left of my brain: Emergency Crews Respond to Fire At La Féria Strip Club.

Local La Féria firefighters responded to an overnight emergency call along Expressway 83 in La Féria, a strip club I’m sure nobody knew about called Pussy Kats.

KRGV’s Taylor Winkel did the Lord’s work covering the scene to get a couple of shots of where the mighty Pussy Kats (RIP) once stood.

Ok, so I’ll be the first to admit that I had NO idea that this place existed and right now I don’t know what to do with myself.

I mean, La Féria of all cities, had a strip club. THINK ABOUT THAT! That’s like saying Alton has a water park, or Mission has a real mayor, or Brownsville has people who actually live there.

I was LITERALLY about to make a post ranking every Valley strip club and I would have looked like an ABSOLUTE FOOL for not including Pussy Kats on my list.

Pussy Kats, we hardly knew ye. May your chlamydia infested poles burn bright forever.

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