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Even Elon Musk Knows That Nobody Actually Lives In Brownsville


Elon Musk, billionaire boy who just tripped balls after having launched a God-damn car into space, took a minute to completely shit all over the non-existent people who live (or don’t?) just a few miles over in the outskirts of Brownsville.

Following the successful launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket in Florida, Musk and other representatives from SpaceX held a news conference when reporters inquired about launches potentially to terrestrial targets, like the Moon or Mars. Discussing the need for testing launches, Musk mulled over where these tests would take place when he finally settled on the Boca Chica location, saying “Most likely it’s going to happen at our Brownsville location because we’ve got a lot of land with nobody around, and so if it blows up, it’s cool.”

Here’s an excerpt of the interview:

Of course, that didn’t go ever well with residents living in something called “Boca Chica Village” or “Kennedy Shores” or “Kopernik Shores” which is only 1.7 miles west of the launching facility.

For those who were wondering, here is where SpaceX’s launch facility will be located:

And here’s where SpaceX’s launch facility is located in relation to Kopernik Shores.

What makes this extra delicious watching a local “resident” walk “himself” into an existential crises, claiming that “he” and “his wife” don’t actually exist.

McConaughey and his wife have been living at Boca Chica Village every winter for the past 11 years. He said he’s offended that he and the other residents are considered “nobody.” “We don’t think that they are going to want us here. Eventually, they’re going to want everybody out. Apparently, nobody lives here now,” he said.

Light ’em up, Elon.

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