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Bobby Jindal’s Website Is, Straight Up, All About Trump

If you’re Republican Presidential candidate Bobby Jindal, I don’t have to tell you that things aren’t going so hot for you right now. So what do you do when you’re polling at the very bottom of the pile? Latch yourself on to some other dude to get your name out there a little more, right?

Someone must’ve given Jindal that advice because his website is one big clusterfuck collage of The Donald.

Here are some shots of this SEO disasterpiece:

2015-09-11 09_07_50-Bobby Jindal For President

2015-09-11 09_08_31-Bobby Jindal For President

2015-09-11 09_09_16-Bobby Jindal For President

Granted, he’s going the anti-Trump route but MAN is this guy thirsty for some website clicks.

Jindal’s campaign manager: “So we put a bunch of stuff about Trump so our website can come out EVERY time someone Googles ‘Trump.’
Jindal: “But why not just have it about me and my positions?”
Jindal’s campaign manager: “Do you wanna have any shot at this thing?”
Jindal: “…yes.”

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