Brownsville City Commissioner Cesar De Leon Has Resigned For The Dumbest Reason


Three days after having apologized during a city commission meeting for calling two black county prosecutors “niggers,” as well as calling other female officials “bitch” and “twat,” among other things during a secretly recorded conversation between himself and Carlos Elizondo, and concluding the message affirmatively stating that he would not resign, Brownsville City Commissioner Cesar De Leon has resigned from his post effective immediately in the most bullshit way possible.

The Brownsville Herald’s Kaila Contreras broke the story earlier today:

De Leon submitted his letter of resignation to Brownsville Mayor Tony Martinez and the rest of the city commissioners Thursday night. Martinez said “To formally (resign) you have to have a signed letter and it has to be accepted by the City Secretary so I haven’t seen that part of it yet. I’m aware that such a letter is out there.” “I understand the circumstances and I also understand that we’ve had … I like to work with the people that got elected and but you know it is what it is. I can’t foretell the future but he was a hard worker. He is a hard worker and like I said only he can decide what he thinks is best for himself and for the city,” Martinez said.

As you may recall from the recording, De Leon accused Mayor Martinez of giving jobs to his friends so I’d bet my left nut that Martinez said, “it is what it is” with a giant shit-eating grin on his face.

So, with all of this controversy swirling around whether or not De Leon is fit for office, there’d be NO question as to why he would resign, right?

There’s a conflict of interest that has risen between my profession and the commission. Because I’m a practicing attorney conflicts could arise because of the city,” De Leon said. “I don’t want to jeopardize my profession, so I decided to step down because I have to decide between the city or being an attorney,” De Leon said.

Bull. Shit.

I guess somewhere between his statement where he wanted to keep his “commitment to the people of Brownsville” and that “nor will (he) back down in (his) fight for (their) great community,” he suddenly forgot that he didn’t want to “jeopardize (his) profession” any more than he already has. Was this “conflict of interest” his own internal conflict between being a racist and having to serve a multi-racial community? WHO KNOWS?!

At the end of it, just as we thought, De Leon was always in it to look out for himself. He did the noble thing by stepping down but did it in a way that almost completely negates any goodwill that could have come of it.

For now, Brownsville for your sake, try your best not to elect another piece of shit.

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