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Canada Beats USA Baseball or Why Is Our Hat Playing Baseball?

For those not in the know, and why would you be(?), the 2015 Pan American games are happening. Right now. Up in Canada. WHO KNEW?! Finding this out the other night was the equivalent of me finding a few crumpled up dollar bills in my dryer that fell out of my jean pockets. Good feelings.

Well, last night, our hat decided to be funny and beat us at the sport that we basically invented because nobody likes hockey. The US lost to Canada on an error in the 10th inning (EXTRA BASEBALL!) to give Canada (ughh) a 7-6 win for Gold in a contest Americans didn’t even know existed.

Canada’s win was like letting Canada take home a 3 or 4 that you didn’t care about getting for yourself. So..whatever, stupid ‘hosers.’ (the fuck IS that, Canada? Ughh please step up your insult game).

fuck you, Canada.

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