Canada Pan Am Games Basketball
Canada Pan Am Games Basketball

USA Women’s Basketball Loses To Canada or Why Is Our Hat Playing Basketball?

The USA Women’s Basketball team lost to Canada 81-73 last night making it the 2nd Gold medal game in a row that our countrymen have lost to the wild-lings north of the wall. Before we start freaking out, let me put this in better prospective. Again, for those of you not in the know, the Pan-Am games are going on in Toronto? Edmonton? Vancouver? Yeah…maybe it’s Vancouver. Anyway, also take note that none of our national teams are exactly our “A-Teams” since pro sports leagues are actually being played out right now. But sucks to lose at anything to our annoyingly polite hat.

As you may have already read, Canada already beat our baseball C-Team (“C” in this instance stands for “Canada Level” BURRRNNN!!) over the weekend. So maybe Canada’s sports prowess might be something to actually condisderrrraaahhhNNNOPE!

Fuck Canada.

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