Gawker Takes Down Story Because They Are Not The Bench Wire

Gawker Media has removed their story of David Geithner, CFO of Conde Nest (who publishes GQ, Vanity Fair), and brother of Ex-Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, offering $2500 for a night with a gay porn star.

In terms of journalistic integrity, the facts are true. Geithner was on his way to Chicago to meet with a gay porn star for $2500; the porn star subsequently asked, once he found out how powerful Geithner was, to help him out with a housing dispute. Geithner called it all off and paid the guy the full $2500 anyway. Apparently, the internet got all sorts of mad calling it “gay-shaming” when Geithner was being exposed NOT for being gay but for being an asshole who attempted to cheat on his wife. That’s it.

And then we have THIS moron:

“Deranged?” Give me a fuckin’ break. There’s nothing “deranged” about a piece covering some powerful jerk who was about commit a reprehensible act. Who gives a shit that he was gay? Glenn Greenwald, for those not in the know, writes for, a website/blog so far up it’s own asshole, they break laws of physics of just how much smug can be concentrated in one space in the universe.

Gawker did what they always do. Report the stories that other news sites don’t want to report. Gawker doesn’t have a history of factual errors or fabricated stories, so let’s give them some goddamn credit here. Gawker didn’t go after Geithner because he was gay. They went after Geithner because, again, he was being an asshole. Had Geithner been caught trying to hook-up with a woman escort, the story stays up and nothing happens. Just ask Anthony Weiner if he would have liked the Geithner treatment.

The story here is that Gawker folded under pressure when they shouldn’t have. Stick to your guns. You’re not CNN. You’re not AP. You’re a fucking gossip blog, so stop pretending like you need chastise yourself in the name of Walter Cronkite.

At the end of the day..

they’re not The Bench Wire, are they.

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