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PSYCH! Brownsville Shitty Commissioner Cesar De Leon Won’t Resign After All


WELP! The City of Brownsville spokeswoman Roxanna Rosas has stated that embattled Brownsville City Commissioner At Large “A” Cesar De Leon has rescinded his letter of resignation that he had submitted to the city just four days ago. This will be our fourth story covering this dip-shit and I’m already sick of it.

If you’ve been living under a rock, Brownsville City Commissioner Cesar De Leon has come under fire in the last month after calling two black county prosecutors “niggers,” as well as calling other female officials “bitch” and “twat,” among other things during a secretly recorded conversation between himself and Carlos Elizondo. De Leon subsequently apologized at a city commission meeting held on October 3rd. but did not resign. On October 6th, however, De Leon submitted his resignation letter to the city citing “conflicts of interests” between the city and his law firm, or potentially his racist thoughts and his duty to serve the public, WHO KNOWS!?

Now, De Leon has seemingly resolved this “conflict” and feels fit to continue to serve exist at his post at the City of Brownsville despite his apparent absence of a conscience. With, amazingly, some Brownsville residents still dumb enough to think it’s ok to continue to allow a guy who calls black people “niggers” for helping to root out the city’s corruption and calls women “bitch” and “twat” to continue to represent the city, I can understand why De Leon feels like riding the storm is just a better option than shamefully bowing out. On the other hand, all of this back and forth just makes him look like an indecisive moron who is incapable of sticking with a decision.

Either way, De Leon is back at his post that he’ll continue to occupy until 2019.

But hey, a cold front is coming in so maybe the wind will blow in a different direction, or he’ll change his tie, or take a different route home, he’ll resign again, maybe try sushi from a different restaurant, rescind his resignation again, maybe use a new mouthwash, resign again, go to a different Starbucks, rescind his resignation again, change his haircut, resign again, hate his new haircut and decide on a different haircut next time, rescind again, etc.

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