Justin Bieber, The Bench Wire People of 2015
Justin Bieber, The Bench Wire People of 2015

TBW People Of 2015: #10 Justin Bieber

2015 is all but over, folks. It’s another year gone, which means humans get to stake another plank on the ground of existence and get to say “We made it another year without completely destroying ourselves!” For better or for worse, these were the people that made 2015 the year that was.

We’re gonna get flack for this pick but fuck all of you. Justin Bieber had himself a hell of a year.

After a three year hiatus from music, Bieber started the year by releasing, in collaboration with Jack Ü, the catchy ele-pop Where Are Ü Now. Not only was it a critical success but is in every running for song of the year. It’s already December and you probably STILL have that funky dolphin melody playing in your head. FUN FACT: What you probably didn’t know was that sound was created by taking Bieber’s voice, transposing it a few octaves higher, and adding a few other effects to it to make a “unique sound that couldn’t be duplicated.” Neat!

Bieber followed up his comeback by dropping two strong singles, What Do You Mean and Sorry off of Purpose, his album that released in November. Although his album’s come out to mixed reviews, it’s hard to doubt that his sound, given that he still needs to cater to a now older fan base, has matured over the years.

2015 for Bieber musically was a master plot to get people to not be embarrassed to say they actually liked listening to Bieber. Going from annoying teen punchline to legitimate industry artist in 1 year is pretty incredible, so we’ve giving JB his due props for a big year. And let’s face it; we all love a good comeback story and apparently now, we all love Bieber too.

Oh and this happened (Oops).

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