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Judge Recognizes Defendant From Middle School

Miami Judge Mindy Glazer took some time to share a few positive words to the defendant standing across from her when she realized that he was a childhood friend from middle school. Justice Glazer reminds us that not everybody that breaks the law is a bad person, and that sometimes they just get off the track somehow.

This was your human moment of the day.

Macy’s To Donald Trump: You Are No Longer Employed With Us

Macy’s announced today that they are dropping Donald Trump’s clothing line in response to his remarks on Mexican immigrants. As we mentioned in an earlier post, NBC cut ties with Trump over the same thing.

This has been your update on Donald Trump’s political free fall.

NBC To Donald Trump: You’re Fired

After Donald Trump dug himself into a hole of shit, and then subsequently shitting all over that shit to try and rid his campaign of shit, NBC has informed Trump that they’ve had enough of his shit.

Like him or not, he makes great TV. I just hope he sticks around for the GOP debates.

Texas Attorney General: Fuck This Gay Ruling

Not sure if you heard or not, but gay marriage has been legal for about 3 days now and grumpy Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton wants to show you that he’s a big boy!

In a statement released on the Lord’s day, Paxton released this hot garbage concerning public officials’ (emphasis on the word public…and official) religious freedoms.

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McAllen Abortion Clinic May Remain Open


US Court of Appeals Judge ruled that McAllen’s Whole Women’s Heath Clinic on Bicentennial may remain open. The clinic is the only facility legally able to provide abortions south of San Antonio which led to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to rule that the clinic should be exempt from recent Texas law requiring clinics performing abortions to meet ambulatory surgical facilities.

The ruling is expected to be appealed in the US Supreme Court.