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Javier Villalobos, City of Donna Attorney, Re-Affirms That Donna Is A Dump


In a video posted on McAllen attorney Javier Villalobos’ city commissioner campaign Facebook page, Villalobos responded to his opponent (who is still running the strangest campaign in recent memory who is now, apparently, the “voice for the animals“) Tim Wilkins’ suggestions that Villalobos’ current position as an attorney for the City of Donna would potentially be a conflict, being that he would be representing the interests of two different municipalities. In response to Wilkins’ suggestions, much like our favorite billionaire boi did to Brownsville a few weeks ago, Villalobos made quick work to re-affirm to all of us that Donna is, indeed, a shithole.

In the video, Villalobos first explains what a conflict is; when a representative of a government entity is in a position of influence to vote or enact legislation that would financially benefit the same representative, for instance, if a representative owned a construction company bidding for a contract for the government entity for which the representative is elected, that would be considered a conflict. Villalobos explained that the matter was not a “conflict” but comes down to “competition,” stating that Donna and McAllen “don’t compete” economically the same way that Pharr, Edinburg, and Mission do, and in doing so, unintentionally hurled one hilarious diss at the city that employs him.

Here is the video reproduced in its entirety:

Villalobos’ campaign may respond with another video stating “No, we did not explicitly call Donna a dump” but we’ll pre-emptively respond by telling their campaign that it’s TOTALLY fine and we all already that Donna, is indeed, a perpetual trash fire with virtually no end in sight.

Election Day is March 3rd.

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