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What To Do On The Day Without Sports

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the day without sports

For those not in the know, the MLB All-Star Game, like all others, tacks on a day of rest after the game is played for players to travel back to their respective teams. Since Baseball is the only major sport being televised, we subsequently get one day where no major sporting competitions are aired. Thus, this July 15th will be…

The Day Without Sports. (cue *blood curling scream* here).

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Video: FSU QB De’Andre Johnson Punches Woman At Bar *UPDATE*

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de'andre johnson

Florida State Quarterback De’Andre Johnson was charged with battery last month for punching a woman in the face at a local Tallahassee bar. Johnson was subsequently suspended after the charge and will hopefully (and that’s a great BIG hope being that this is FSU) be removed from the team. Video obtained by the Tallahassee Democrat is pretty damning.

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NPR: RGV Entrenched In Corruption

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lupe trevino rgv the bench wire

In an article released today, NPR’s John Burnett and Marisa Penazola detail the recent history of public official corruption in the RGV and the means by which the federal and state authorities are using to try to eradicate it.

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Judge Recognizes Defendant From Middle School

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Miami Judge Mindy Glazer took some time to share a few positive words to the defendant standing across from her when she realized that he was a childhood friend from middle school. Justice Glazer reminds us that not everybody that breaks the law is a bad person, and that sometimes they just get off the track somehow.

This was your human moment of the day.

Kobe Is Killing The Lakers’ Future

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Let’s get something straight off-the-bat: Kobe is the greatest of his era. He transcended the game long before social media could have elevated him to god status. You know this because probably half of your friends in middle school and high school were Lakers fans, and STILL are to this day. You know this because girls would have cut-out magazine pictures of Kobe in their locker and their binders. You know this because #8 was the number always taken in gym class. You know this because you saw purple and gold EVERYWHERE during those years. Even your mom knows who Kobe is.

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Macy’s To Donald Trump: You Are No Longer Employed With Us

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Macy’s announced today that they are dropping Donald Trump’s clothing line in response to his remarks on Mexican immigrants. As we mentioned in an earlier post, NBC cut ties with Trump over the same thing.

This has been your update on Donald Trump’s political free fall.

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