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Kobe Is Killing The Lakers’ Future

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Let’s get something straight off-the-bat: Kobe is the greatest of his era. He transcended the game long before social media could have elevated him to god status. You know this because probably half of your friends in middle school and high school were Lakers fans, and STILL are to this day. You know this because girls would have cut-out magazine pictures of Kobe in their locker and their binders. You know this because #8 was the number always taken in gym class. You know this because you saw purple and gold EVERYWHERE during those years. Even your mom knows who Kobe is.

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Macy’s To Donald Trump: You Are No Longer Employed With Us

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Macy’s announced today that they are dropping Donald Trump’s clothing line in response to his remarks on Mexican immigrants. As we mentioned in an earlier post, NBC cut ties with Trump over the same thing.

This has been your update on Donald Trump’s political free fall.

Sacramento Kings Fans, Please Fire Your Owner

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Vivek Ranadive Sacramento Kings Owner

Chris Webber. Peja Stojakovic. Mike Bibby. Vlade Divak. To a 14 year-old Mavericks fan like I was, their names may as well had been Boogie-Man, Demon, Satan, and well…Vlade. THESE were the Sacramento Kings. Good for 100 a night, put your paycheck on it. I hated them. I hated them because they were GOOD. I hated how their fans would bang those stupid cowbells, and I hated that they couldn’t kill the Lakers when they had the chance.

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NBC To Donald Trump: You’re Fired

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After Donald Trump dug himself into a hole of shit, and then subsequently shitting all over that shit to try and rid his campaign of shit, NBC has informed Trump that they’ve had enough of his shit.

Like him or not, he makes great TV. I just hope he sticks around for the GOP debates.

2015 NBA Draft Preview

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nba draft 2015

The NBA Draft is probably the most predictable of the 4 major sports (well, if the NHL has a draft and no one is around to hear it…does the NHL draft exist??). But that’s not to say it isn’t exciting to see some 5 syllable-ed guy from Germanistania or Urzbeckehubbidubbistan get drafted by the Spurs and stored away in some cryogenic freezer for 4 years. I mean, who DOESN’T like seeing all these guys get interviewed one after another giving the same “I couldn’t have been drafted by a better organization” speech. You know, actually, for once I’d like to see some guy be honest on the mic and just say “hell nah, I ain’t playing for no God damn 76ers. fuck that!” or something along those lines.

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